Supporting businesses to foster global economic growth.

At J.E. Austin Associates, Inc. (JAA), we specialize in helping businesses, governments, and organizations around the world improve productivity, enhance competitiveness, and facilitate economic development. With our industry-specific expertise and suite of analytical tools, we empower our clients to reposition themselves in global markets and drive economic growth.

Transforming businesses through innovative solutions and strategies

J.E. Austin Associates, Inc. (JAA) was founded in 1986 for the purpose of assisting businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, educational and financial institutions, producer organizations, and other organizations around the world to improve productivity, to enhance competitiveness, to strengthen management and strategy implementation, and to facilitate economic development.

Our mission is to drive sustainable economic growth and development through competitiveness and capacity-building initiatives. We collaborate with Harvard Business School and other leading institutions, leveraging our collective expertise to create lasting impact.

Our Journey: Combining Expertise and Passion to Drive Global Development

J.E. Austin Associates, Inc. (JAA) is dedicated to assisting businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide in improving productivity, enhancing competitiveness, and facilitating economic development. JAA provides a team of leading experts in increasing competitiveness of countries, regions, and firms, with specialists in agribusiness, entrepreneurship, economic policy, workforce development, and institution strengthening. This expertise, plus a strong commitment to our core values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation, have made JAA a trusted leader in driving global growth.

Core Values

At J.E. Austin Associates, our core values guide everything we do: integrity, collaboration, innovation.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for positive change and sustainable development worldwide.

Serving the Developing World? We're Here to Help

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