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Lebanon Investment Initiate

In conjunction with the Berytech Foundation and IM Ventures, J.E. Austin Associates (JAA) contributes to the Lebanon Investment Initiate (LII). The LII is a country-specific program that works with startup entrepreneurial companies, provides…

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TIGERS@Mekong JAA led the TIGERS@Mekong project with a grant from the US State Department. The program accelerated the ecosystem across the region and helped launch over 50 startups in the Mekong region. JAA…

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Senegal 10-year SAGIC/PCE Program

Senegal 10-year SAGIC/PCE Program The 10-year SAGIC/PCE program addressed Senegal’s food security and nutrition challenges. Though it initially emphasized export-oriented value chains to increase broad-based economic growth and foreign investment, PCE became the…

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