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Zimbabwe ZIMBISA: National Competitiveness Commission, National Competitiveness Reporting and Public-private Dialogue

ZIMBISA is a Zimbabwean trust established with the goal of helping Zimbabwe achieve sustained economic growth and reduce poverty by fulfilling the ambitions set out in the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Social Economic Transformation (Zim ASSET) and other sector policies, through improved public-private dialogue. Effective dialogue is key in supporting the establishment of a broad sense of ownership for the national economic transformation agenda, design and implement policies that are conducive to business, raise the confidence of business and investors in the policy environment and therefore facilitate increased investments and growth.

ZIMBISA provided support to the National Economic Competitiveness Forum and government to implement a Competitiveness Assessment Study (CAS). JAA supported the Zimbisa Government Component Manager to facilitate local partners in the design of the CAS. JAA helped to identify a drafting team, by supporting the NECF with carrying out interviews and providing training and guidance in the researching and writing of the National Competitiveness assessment report.

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