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USAID Serbia Velika Mala Privreda

USAID Serbia Velika Mala Privreda will build upon successful past USAID investments to achieve greater impact and catalyze systemic transformation by shifting from a national, sectoral focus to a regionally tailored approach that strengthens local market systems. In partnership with J.E. Austin Associates, ACDI/VOCA has identified  the Agriculture and Food and Machinery and Equipment sectors as having export market potential and the potential for inclusive growth in underdeveloped regions of the country. The VMP activity is also taking cross-cutting Digital, Green, and Creative applications into consideration in the AF and ME value chains. To drive small and medium enterprise (SME) growth and market integration, VMP will engage a range of local partners through data-driven analysis and design,  facilitate capacity building, information sharing and market linkages, and focus on innovation and collective action.

JAA will provide technical leadership to lead the expansion of SME exports through improved market linkages. This project also includes building the capacity and incentives of local business development service providers in developing SME-targeted service offerings in market research, trend tracking, customer insights, etc. in the AF and ME sectors. Additionally, JAA works to coordinate with key institutes and faculties in Serbia to identify opportunities for green innovation, financing and upgrading green technologies, green/sustainability export market linkages, and climate change resilience measures.

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