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USAID Competitive Economy Program

The USAID Competitive Economy Program helps Ukraine tackle many economic challenges and accomplish key objectives: enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and sectors including attracting investments and improving access to finance; elevate skills in entrepreneurship, business acumen, and market competence; and support both private sector and government institutions to operate in accordance with international standards. Improvements in these areas will drive increases in sales, exports, and job creation in Ukraine.

Within the first 100 day of the projects, JAA led and carried out sector selection and helped the project to compile competitiveness action plans for Furniture , ICT and Food processing sectors. JAA has also been supporting these sectors to increase their exports and improve productivity. JAA has been instrumental in connecting Ukrainian furniture producers with buyers in UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland. JAA is also helping IT companies to develop a platform which will be one-stop-shop for global IT buyers who will be able to search and connect with IT firms in Ukraine. In the film industry, JAA has been supporting the industry representatives to upgrade their skills and get ready to work with international film production companies, particularly from the USA. JAA’s assistance to Ukraine industries during the first two years of the Competitive Economy Program (2018-2023) helped to generate $7.7 Mil additional sales and $2.5 Mil investments for the Ukrainian IT industry and a $3.5Mil sales increase for the Digital/Film industry. JAA has also helped diversify markets for Ukrainian IT and furniture producers, by shifting from traditional Russian markets to Scandinavian markets for IT businesses and USA, EU and Israel for furniture manufacturers.

To build the resilience of Ukraine’s economy, JAA is assisting the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Digital Transformation and State Revenue Service by providing short term experts to increase their capacity to tackle current challenges that the Ukrainian economy faces during these critical times.

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