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Senegal 10-year SAGIC/PCE Program

The 10-year SAGIC/PCE program addressed Senegal’s food security and nutrition challenges. Though it initially emphasized export-oriented value chains to increase broad-based economic growth and foreign investment, PCE became the vehicle for implementing one of USAID’s first FTF programs.

JAA led the project’s Agricultural Value Chain and Business Services Development component, focusing on increased competitiveness by using a value chain approach and business service providers as a primary means for the project’s interventions. This strategy, emphasizing market access and responsiveness, was particularly effective in addressing sub-sector and individual firm weaknesses. In the first years of the program, the VC/BDS approach focused on strengthening the banana, cashew, natural products, poultry, mango, bissap (Hibiscus sabdariffa), sesame, artisanal textile and gum Arabic value chains.

Core value chain principles implemented in this project involved insightful market assessment, women’s opportunities and gender-inclusive development, use of lead firms to access export markets, supporting lead firms to develop their supply chain relationships, assisting producers and MSMEs to meet value chain requirements, sound appreciation of the business models and profit incentives throughout the value chain, and support to capacity development of horizontal and vertical stakeholder associations. Several projects aspects emphasized increased leadership and income earning opportunities for women.

With substantial additional FTF funding and at USAID’s request, PCE evolved to emphasize market linkage, competitiveness, productivity, profitability and investment in staple crops, including primarily millet, sorghum, maize and rice. JAA adapted and expanded the project’s successful value chain approach to the needs of major staple foods, and seeds.

As part of the expansion of the value chain approach and BDS to staple food sub-sectors, JAA developed multi-partner value chain alliances, linked private sector SMEs, producer groups or associations, business-to-business partnerships, and lead firms. In creating commercial partnerships amongst these producer groups and key market intermediaries, JAA created greater market access and promoted sustainable business linkages.

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