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Middle East North Africa Investment Initiative (MENA II)

The Middle East North Africa Investment Initiative (MENA II) was a regional investment initiative which helped create an Investment Management Company (Investment Manager or IM) that worked through incubators, angel funds, and venture capital funds (together these types of entities are Qualified Early Stage Investors or QESIs) to co-fund or partially insure their investment decisions in, or provide other needed technical support to QESBs. In doing so, the initiative improved investor and business access to equity capital, contributed to the development of the investment eco-system, advanced development of the financial system, and encouraged increased equity investment in early stage businesses.

As part of the MENA II project, JAA supported the launch of IMCFO, a financial advisory service program that USAID will offer to early stage entrepreneurs. JAA designed and delivered the IMCFO training in Lebanon, and helped develop the operation model, sales and marketing materials, and governance and management structure for IMCFO.

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