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In conjunction with the Berytech Foundation and IM Ventures, J.E. Austin Associates (JAA) contributes to the Lebanon Investment Initiate (LII). The LII is a country-specific program that works with startup entrepreneurial companies, provides and leverages investment capital, and builds supporting institutions in order to better position Lebanon to become a regional hub for investment management and opportunity with clusters of globally competitive industries. The initiative will improve the ecosystem for early-stage, equity-based investing and support for entrepreneurs and SMEs through the creation of an Investment Management Entity that works in partnership with business incubators, business accelerators, and angel, venture capital and private equity funds to co-fund or partially ensure their investment decision in, or provide other needed technical support to a broad spectrum of qualified early-stage businesses. Utilizing JAA’s expertise in identifying specific sectors where there is market and investment opportunities that are currently under financed, LII focuses on the business development and acceleration of firms within high growth potential sectors to advance them into sustainable regional or even global hubs. These assessments allow LII to improve investor and business access to capital, advance the development of the overall financial system with a focus on capital markets, and strengthen the overall competitiveness of the Lebanese economy.

Helping to support the goals of LII, JAA connects entrepreneurs with qualified investors, mentors and qualified businesses to increase the pipeline of investable companies. This includes mobilizing the support of international entrepreneurs to provide on-site and virtual coaching to help push and guide this process. JAA has been a pioneer in fostering the ecosystem approach for sustainable development initiatives and use these methods to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in Lebanon through coaching and exposing businesses to potential investors. By providing strategic guidance, improving governance, enhancing market-linkages and continuing mentoring, JAA also focuses on capacity building for investors and partners. JAA provides support to improve investor and business access to equity capital, contributes to the development of the investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem and encourages increased equity investment in various businesses and sectors in Lebanon

Throughout the duration of the 5-year project, JAA will execute the monitoring and evaluation of the project’s impact and success. “PAID” (Performance indicators, Action indicators, Investment indicators and Development indicators) is an economic growth assessment tool created by JAA. This project includes a baseline study, a mid-term update, and a final report. Performance indicators will focus on the examination of available evidence through the analysis of LII investments and activities to estimate the economic benefits to Lebanon’s economy

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