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Haiti Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE)

The USAID-funded Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE) project helped increase economic growth and employment opportunities in Haiti. LEVE expanded opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to generate employment for Haitian men, women, and youth in the three development corridors: Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc and Cap-Haïtien. In collaboration with the Haitian lead entities, LEVE helped design and then facilitate upgrading strategies, encourage collaboration between the value chain stakeholders and ultimately improve efficiency, productivity and profits, thereby resulting in greater job creation. JAA led the textiles and apparel value chain, and worked individually with numerous firms in the apparel industry to support their operations, improve productivity, and strengthen employees’ skills and knowledge.
Three examples include:

  • JAA developed and conducted an 11-week training program for mechanics from a number of apparel factories, and a “Train the Trainers” program for mechanics to be continued by vocational schools.
  • JAA also helped the company Citadella Manufacturing to develop a phased growth plan and factory layout to ensure employee safety and health and to improve productivity.
  • JAA extensively supported the Global Manufacturing and Contractors (GMC) company, which comprises many factories and has been working as contractors to U.S. manufacturers. JAA helped the firm vertically integrate and offer “full package” services to U.S. manufacturers.

JAA also supported the apparel sector at the government and association level. Following the extension of the HOPE/HELP legislation by the US Congress until 2025, and given the changing legislative framework in Haiti, JAA supported the Haitian Manufacturers’ Association (ADIH) in its effort to build the reputation and profile of Haiti’s apparel sector.

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