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Global Workforce in Transition (GWIT)

JAA assisted in designing and carrying out workforce assessments for potential long-term implementation for USAID. Under this project, JAA helped to design and implement workforce assessments in Djibouti, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Tajikistan.

The Workforce Competitiveness team, under the USAID Global Workforce in Transition IQC (GWIT), presented strategic options for improving workforce competitiveness in the region and for testing the applicability and receptiveness of local leaders to a variety of initiatives that have been successfully implemented in other countries. The diagnostic assessment provided recommendations to USAID on how to address workforce competitiveness challenges within each country’s strategy. The project resulted in the elaboration of methodologies for conducting workforce assessments and in recommendations for USAID workforce competitiveness initiatives. Specific country results included a university-industry partnership in Bulgaria to build IT workforce competitiveness, inclusion of workforce elements in a project design for USAID/Kosovo, and a request by USAID/Serbia that an existing contractor incorporate the team findings into their competitiveness project.

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