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Ghana Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) Five-Year Strategy

The Ghana Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) was established by the Parliament of Ghana through the Tree Crops Development Authority Act, 2019 (Act 1010) to regulate and develop in a sustainable environment the production, processing, and trading of six tree crops in Ghana, including cashew, shea, mango, coconut, rubber, and oil palm. The TCDA’s mandate is to create and regulate a conducive environment for the growth and development of target tree crops in Ghana with consequential benefits to the economy of the country. TCDA is a unique publicly mandated, private sector driven organization.

Funded by IFC and in coordination with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), JAA developed a five-year strategic plan for TCDA. Some key activities for the five-year strategic plan include identifying high performance, high value varieties for all six mandated tree crops that respond to buyer demand and reduce climate change risks, establishing a traceability system using a hub and spoke model including regional Tree Crop Development Centers and Tree Crop Service Centers, linking them to farmer cooperatives and farmer field schools, and creating certified training programs for tree crop service center operators. As part of developing the strategy, JAA conducted an extensive competitiveness and institutional benchmarking exercise examining other global tree crop producers. This organizational strategy will guide TCDA to effectively deliver services and obtain financial sustainability while contributing to strengthened market systems.

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