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Best Practices Sourcebook: Spatial Approaches to Promoting Agro-Industrial Investment, Food and Agriculture Organization

JAA built the Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) institutional capacity to assist governments in designing development strategies for their agro-industries. JAA developed a strategy guide and toolkit, including topics such as investment promotion, enabling environment, value chain competitiveness, public-private dialogue, policy and regulation, geographically centered strategies and more.  A planners’ checklist enables users to apply the methodologies in a systematic fashion, an implementation roadmap.  The toolkit also includes a policy menu that addresses the roles of the public sector and other stakeholders for the development of each of these tools and provides recommendations and best practices for implementation.
Additionally, JAA designed and piloted a five-day training curriculum for the FAO to use to build the capacity of member governments and other donors to design effective agro-industrial strategies, targeting new investment. The curriculum sets up a framework for agro-industrial strategy and guides developers through the process of working with stakeholders to build consensus and buy-in for realistic and empirically sound strategy.  JAA developed case studies and tailored exercises for the toolkit.
As a follow on to this assignment, JAA later developed a Sourcebook to describe best practices to develop and promote investment in spatial (geographic, territorial) initiatives in the agribusiness and agro-industrial sectors.
The Sourcebook can be found on our Resources page or through FAO’s website:

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