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J.E. Austin Associates Announces Marina Fanning As Newest Board Member

J.E. Austin Associates, Inc. (JAA) is pleased to announce Marina Fanning as the newest member of the J.E. Austin Board of Directors. Ms. Fanning brings a wealth of experience as well as a track record of leadership and success as an executive in international development organizations and an implementer of entrepreneurship and economic growth projects.

Ms. Fanning’s expertise expands J.E. Austin’s capabilities in many geographic areas and brings a valuable multi-sectoral approach that will deepen the intellectual rigor of many JAA projects.

“I have worked closely with Kevin, Joe, and Martin for years now and I have always had admiration for their commitment to promoting economic growth around the world through poverty reduction and private-sector development. The next generation of projects will include localization, private sector engagement, and market systems approach. I believe that J.E. Austin Associates is uniquely positioned to succeed in the new ecosystem, and I look forward to helping lead in that direction.”

Ms. Fanning has an international reputation as a leader in training, management consulting and entrepreneurship development, and is frequently called upon to advise organizations and governments in these areas.  She has overseen a range of gender equity-based development initiatives, including projects encompassing girls’ and women’s education in Morocco, women’s legal rights and political participation in Latin America and the Caribbean, anti-trafficking in persons in Mexico, and worldwide efforts in civil society advocacy and private sector development.

Ms. Fanning holds a Master Degree in Organizational Development from American University.  She regularly conducts training programs in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Ms. Fanning is currently a member of the Boards of her synagogue, of a Moroccan-based NGO that works with empowering teenage girls and is a member of the Advisory Council to the School for Public Affairs of American University.

JAA’s executive team is delighted that Ms. Fanning is part of their senior advisory team. President Kevin Murphy noted that, “I have known Marina for years and have always valued her insights and counsel. I’m glad that she is officially part of the J.E. Austin team and we look forward to how she can guide the company forward as we continue to provide superior service to our clients.”

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