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Since 1986, J.E. Austin Associates Inc. has completed more than 680 projects in 120 countries. In any given year, JAA’s professional staffers work on projects in more than 30 countries worldwide.

JAA’s practice areas have centered primarily on strategy and management consulting for the development of emerging and developing economies. The focus of this work is on developing mechanisms in the public and private sectors to improve their competitive advantage, intensifying the performance of small and micro-sized enterprises, and supporting the private sector in increasing food security.

The key to the sustainable development of any industry in a country or a region depends on how tightly-knit its various components are to achieve a common goal of maximizing customer and shareholder value. JAA is committed to facilitating market-driven economic development based on the drivers of economic growth and competitiveness.

Drivers of Enterprise-Led Economic Growth

Spatial Connectivity and Competitiveness

There is a strong locational element to economic growth, grounded in urban areas that are well-linked to their productive hinterlands and to external markets through value chains. JAA generates sustainable competitive spatial systems by assisting these geographic centers to attract investment, increase local value addition, foster entrepreneurs, retain and attract skilled personnel, develop networks, and engage public-private coalitions to continually improve the location’s enabling environment.

Gender Inclusion and Women’s Economic Empowerment

Inclusive economic development requires breaking down the barriers that prevent women from entering and fully participating in the labor market, finding decent and well-paying work, and starting businesses. JAA helps women increase their engagement in the economy by providing training and mentoring, facilitating women’s participation in public-private dialogue, and helping eliminate legal, financial and cultural barriers to growth of women-owned businesses and women’s employment.

Youth Empowerment

Increasing opportunities for skill development, employment, and entrepreneurship for youth not only empowers individuals within this growing population but contributes to equality and stability at the national level.

Workforce Development

While encouraging economic development and job growth, it is crucial for skill development opportunities to be in alignment with what the job market demands. J.E. Austin applies its 10 Bridges Model and other methodologies to help align education and training with private sector needs.

Access to Finance

Inclusive economic growth requires inclusive access to finance for businesses of every size. JAA works to strengthen financial institutions to develop accessible financial products that enable firms to increase their growth, productivity, and employment.

Institutional Capacity Building

For development to be sustainable, countries need strong institutions capable of administering and regulating sound economic and infrastructure development policies. JAA provides institutions with assistance to improve organizational structures, management, processes, human resources, communications, and use of technologies.

Export Promotion and Facilitation

JAA works to link country’s domestic production to global value chains, leading to the expansion of local markets, job creation, and diversification.

Investment Promotion and Facilitation

Generating investment is a key component of a healthy GDP recipe. Investment in infrastructure and the private sector can increase productivity and development. JAA provides assistance to governments and the private sector to promote and facilitate increased investment.

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