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Bicycles for Growth

USAID and J.E. Austin’s Bicycles for Growth project  aims to first develop an understanding of the bicycle market system in five African countries (Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia), then build on that understanding to develop targeted pilot interventions in two of those countries in order to improve access to and usage of affordable bicycles among individuals and communities facing mobility challenges, with a particular focus on rural areas. BFG has investigated why bicycles are underutilized in these five countries and is targeting two specific locations to attempt to overcome the issues identified with bicycle usage. So far, Malawi’s assessment has been completed and the other four countries’ assessments are in progress. Stakeholders of the project have received it well and understand the value bicycles hold as well as acknowledge their underutilization by policy makers, donors, and the private sector. J.E. Austin has undertaken a novel application of market systems, concepts and approaches to bicycles and mobility.

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